If graffiti isn’t dealt with quickly, it can damage your brand and attract further vandalism. NSS’s specialist cleaning teams are available 24/7 nationwide, and have the tools and equipment to remove any graffiti and quickly get your premises back to their best.

Why do businesses rely on NSS for graffiti removal?

Graffiti removal is a specialist cleaning service that requires a tailored approach based on the type of surface, the age of the graffiti and the type of paint used.

NSS is fully trained, and equipped with the latest tools and graffiti removal products to achieve a superior clean and finish. With our additional expertise in working at height, we can remove graffiti from even the hardest to reach locations.

Reasons to contact us now for a quote:

  • Operators throughout the UK
  • Trained in the safe use of bespoke graffiti removal chemicals
  • Dedicated helpdesk, available 24/7
  • Specialists in listed buildings
  • Proof of completion for all jobs with before, during, and post-removal photo evidence.

Graffiti removal training and compliance

Graffiti removal requires careful planning. Not only are operatives working with different surfaces using specialist chemicals, it’s important to carry out a risk assessment before undertaking any work to check access to the site, any potential risks to members of the public or other contractors, and any personal protective equipment required.

As with all of our work, NSS’s operatives are trained to the highest standard. We only use REACH compliant chemicals and are trained in their storage and disposal (in accordance with local or national legislation via an authorised waste disposal contractor).

Need graffiti removal? What we’ll need to know:

If you have problem graffiti that needs removing, contact us for a quote. We react to all requests for help within 12 hours. In order to ensure the correct response, we’ll ask you a number of questions:

  • How big is the graffiti and where is it situated?
  • What type of surface is it on?
  • Is your building listed?
  • Are there any access or noise restrictions we need to be aware of?

We've completed more than 500 graffiti removal tasks across the UK this year.

Darryl Hassett UK Director, Retail & E Commerce

To find out more or see how NSS can support your graffiti removal requirements call 03459 677477

To find out more or see how NSS can support your graffiti removal requirements call 03459 677477

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