Considerations for choosing the right machine

Our Hire division boasts one of the most comprehensive fleets out there, spanning the UK and Europe. But with such a vast selection of specialist machinery, how do you know which machine is right for the job at hand?

While our expert team is always at hand to help with this, we’ve outlined some key considerations below:


  • Does the local council have any noise restrictions in the area where you’ll be carrying out work?
  • Does the job need to be completed out of hours?
  • Are you working within a residential area?


  • How high do you need to reach?
  • Are there any obstructions in reaching the area? Do you need to go up and over, or down and around?
  • Do you need to conduct any work below ground level?


  • Does the machine need to manoeuvre in tight quarters?
  • Will it need to pass through any small entrances?
  • Will it need to navigate corners?
  • Will it need to carry any sizable equipment?


  • Will the machine need to pass through any weight restricted roads or bridges to reach the job?
  • What floor or terrain will it need to pass through or work on? Is there potential to damage it?
  • Will the vehicle be required to carry anything that will impact its payload?


  • What terrain will the machine need to work on?
  • How might this impact on the machine’s ability to manoeuvre?

Whatever the job, we have the machine for you. Call us on 03459 677477 to discuss your requirements – we’ll find you the perfect match.

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