Take Five with Steven Hardman

We’re talking to Fleet Manager, Steven Hardman, asking him the key questions in a bid to get to know him better. Find out what Steven would be doing if he wasn’t maximising productivity while ensuring the ongoing delivery of the highest quality service in the safest way at High Access…

1. Describe yourself in five words….

  • Inquisitive
  • Motivated
  • Helpful
  • Driven
  • Meticulous

2. What are you passionate about in your role at High Access?

Identifying improvements and pushing them forward.

3. What has been your highlight since joining the team?

All the new foods we try! Aside from that, I’ve identified significant savings across the business by streamlining our processes.

4. If you weren’t in your career today, what would you have done – what was your dream job at high school?

I dreamed of being a primary school teacher at High School, until I went on work experience at one!  An inventor was my next dream (and still is!) I’m always coming up with new ideas and better ways to do a job. I’d probably be coming up with some wacky idea with my brother.

5. Out of work, what would your Mastermind subject be?

Travel and food. The two go hand in hand!