Take Five with Kevin Boyle

This issue we’re talking to Senior Finance Manager, Kevin Boyle, asking him the key questions in a bid to get to know him better. Find out what Kevin be doing if he wasn’t driving excellence through his role at High Access.

1. Describe yourself in five words….

  • Inimitable
  • Focused
  • Leader
  • Calm in a crisis
  • Studious

2. What are you passionate about in your role at High Access?

Creating continuous improvement. The business is forever growing and moving forward so I love improving our reporting capabilities, processes and management information so we can be pro-active in our decision making and constantly be adding value back into the business.

3. What has been your highlight since joining the team?

Helping to drive the Senior Management meeting forward with the monthly management slide presentation. Giving managers in other departments of the business insight into the numbers, how it affects their particular areas of the business and how they can improve it moving forward.

4. If you weren’t in your career today, what would you have done – what was your dream job at high school?

To be honest, I changed my mind that often during school I was never really sure of what I wanted to be. My dream job would have been to be a boxer – I love the discipline and dedication that professional boxers have.

5. Out of work, what would your Mastermind subject be?

I’m a bit of a darts geek. I love all the statistics and analysing them all. Sad I know! Over the years I’ve built quite the collection of darts and darts equipment. I love watching the professionals in the big tournaments and play myself in a local league; albeit at a much lower standard!


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