Take Five with Jamie Stokoe

We’re talking to IT Manager, Jamie Stokoe, asking him the key questions in a bid to get to know him better. Find out what Jamie be doing if he wasn’t managing the tech and innovations that back our seamless and efficient services.

1. Describe yourself in five words…

  • Calm
  • Enthusiastic
  • Helpful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Resourceful

2. What are you passionate about in your role at High Access?

I love the freedom I have to take an idea and run with it. Seeing the direct impact it has  with the day to day running of the business is extremely rewarding.

3. What has been your highlight since joining the team?

The successful implementation of a company wide mobile workforce platform that has driven new efficiencies to benefit our clients.

4. If you weren’t in your career today, what would you have done – what was your dream job at high school?

I wanted to be a designer, but soon found I was preferred fixing the problems with computers than designing on them.

5. Out of work, what would your Mastermind subject be?

Leonardo DaVinci – he was a man beyond his years!