Seven years of shooting for the stars with Brainwave

Last Thursday saw the annual Brainwave Charity Shoot take place at Colshaw Hall, Cheshire and we were proud to sponsor this event for the seventh year in a row.

We are thrilled to report a total of just over £50,000.00 was raised at this year’s event. A massive thank you to all those who came along and donated so generously.

The Brainwave program aims to unlock any child’s potential by increasing their mobility, communication skills and learning abilities which is achieved through a team of qualified and experienced therapists, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. 

Currently, the charity is working with over 600 children across the UK and, in 2017, awarded 327 Certificates of Achievement to the children to reflect their progress with the programme

As a business, taking on tough challenges 24/7/365 is one of our core values and when we were originally introduced to Brainwave we were blown away and inspired by the sheer courage and determination demonstrated by these children in the face of adversity. 

Over the years we’ve built a reputation for long-lasting client and partner relationships and our association with Brainwave is one that brings us the greatest pride.

2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Brainwave Charity Shoot and we hope to receive the same strong support from businesses, clients and contacts as this year.