QUICK GUIDE: Building Warranty Clauses

80% of commercial properties in the UK are underinsured

Get the Quick Guide to the clauses and obligations that could leave your business exposed

Can you be sure you’ll receive the payout you need in the event of a claim?

In the latest Quick Guide from NSS we look at the insurance clauses, maintenance obligations and health and safety risks that could place your business at risk.

Get your copy now to understand:

  • Your lease liabilities, and the parts of your building that you are responsible for maintaining
  • The terms of your insurance policy, and the circumstances in which any claim for repairs might be declined
  • The hidden costs of a claim on your business and operations
  • The maintenance warranties that could invalidate your insurance, should they be left unmanaged.

Building Warranty Clauses Quick Guide

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Avoid nasty surprises

As construction costs rise in the UK, many businesses making a buildings insurance claim are finding that they’ve massively under-estimated the cost of repairs.

And tenants aren’t immune – the small print in many leases requires that the maintenance of a building is the tenant’s responsibility – meaning a significant financial hit if roofs, glazing and other critical risk areas are left unmanaged.

Get your copy of the Quick Guide to understand your responsibilities, and the most effective way to avoid the costs and stress of a loss of trade event.

They always deliver – that’s why we keep using them. Across the spectrum they are thorough with a belt and braces approach to safety through to detailed post work reports with forward-thinking solutions. Nothing is too much trouble.

Director at a global real estate services provider

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