Donating the height of expertise

Here at NSS, we’re in a very fortunate position helping to keep some amazing businesses moving, all across the United Kingdom.

However, we appreciate that not every organisation can easily afford our services when either emergency or necessity arise. For this reason, our CEO, Niel Bethell is proud to personally launch a new charitable and community initiative; offering the Height of Expertise on a regular ongoing basis. Entirely complimentary and no strings attached.

We welcome applications from all types of organisation and will frequently choose that feels an appropriate fit for the kind of support we can offer and where we can hopefully add most value. You might be a local school, a community group or a charity. But then again, we might be open to persuasion elsewhere, if there’s a good cause to support. Here’s a great example, when we helped the Veteran’s Garage after their roof had collapsed.

To apply, email and try to answer the following questions using less than 200 words in total:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you based?
  • What help do you need?
  • When do you need it doing?
  • Why will this matter?

Our CEO, Niel Bethell will personally get in touch if your application proves successful so don’t forget to leave a phone number too. Best of luck!

Terms & Conditions:-

1.  Please note that we will only consider applications from organisations within 15 miles of our UK offices.

2.  The decision of the CEO is final and there is no appeal process.