The importance of a clean appearance in commercial property

We all know that first impressions count, yet appearance often isn’t prioritised when it comes to building maintenance. Of course, maintenance relating to health and safety must always come first, but for many facilities managers working with tight and complex budgets, matters relating to appearance are often overlooked or bypassed in favour of more urgent needs.

However, investment in a clean appearance will pay dividends when managed well.

No matter which business or sector your buildings service, keeping stakeholders happy is fundamental. Whether clients, partners or investors, creating a pleasant environment is vital, and a building’s façade is where your efforts should begin.

The exterior of your building sets the tone for the type of operation you run. A well-maintained property tells clients that you take pride in what you do and pay attention to detail. It can build confidence and ultimately harbour the growth of strong relationships.

Yet the benefits extend far beyond this, impacting positively on a company’s most important asset – its employees.

Studies have shown a positive correlation between workspace employee engagement and productivity.

Provide staff with the right environment to flourish – a well-cared-for building not only provides a pleasant working environment, but also instils a sense of pride.

Putting personnel to one side, there are a host of other commercial benefits that facilities managers can take advantage of. For example, investing in the maintenance of a building will often alert you to any emerging problems more quickly, allowing you to prevent and protect sooner before more costly damage occurs. Neglecting properties’ appearance often leads the way for bigger, more costly issues to go unnoticed.

From window cleaning and graffiti removal to gutter maintenance and roof repairs, NSS delivers a comprehensive list of services covering the spectrum of façade maintenance.

With a reach spanning the whole of the UK and a highly trained, professional workforce, we guarantee a world class service no matter the job.

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