Building a Culture Team

The main aim of our Culture Team is to continually improve the way we do things by working together to achieve the best possible results for all of us to strive further going forward.

Our selected panel will listen to all our colleagues, filtering through their voices, thoughts, suggestions and ideas.

The team will:

  • Represent employees and help them to express their voice
  • Help to choose the Company’s Charity/Charities and plan events to help raise both money and awareness
  • Help build and form the business culture by practicing and delivering the company values
  • Help organise and plan any future company events
  • Help to select individual winners from employee nominations on a quarterly basis for the company’s Reward and Recognition process.

The Culture Team will be meeting to communicate with each other on a quarterly basis – sharing knowledge, collaborating and working together towards a common goal to help manifest a great culture for NSS.

We had an amazing amount of interest with a large number of applicants applying to be part of the 2020 Culture Team, with 7 colleagues from across the business eventually selected.