Top 10 Autumn tips for Facilities Managers

Storms Ophelia and Brian have set the standard for what is set to be a wet and wild winter. With more of the same glorious British weather set to continue over the coming months, here we share our top ten tips to protect your property:

  1. As the days get shorter, it is now the perfect time to ensure all your external lights are secure and operating efficiently. An annual health check can reduce the risk of accidents. Don’t forget about your car park lights too – especially if they’re in a remote area where lighting is required for safety reasons.
  2. The UK weather is often responsible for power cuts throughout the winter months. Frequent inspection of backup power sources will help protect your building should there be a power outage.
  3. The UK is often buffeted by heavy storms and strong winds which can damage and dislodge weak and vulnerable roof slates and tiles. As we head towards winter it is important to ensure all loose tiles are repaired or replaced.
  4. Windows and window frames are often overlooked especially at high level. Poor weather leads to leaking window frames or cracks in the glazing getting steadily worse. A window inspection is well worth your while as part of the building maintenance checks, while frequent specialist cleaning will ensure your windows stay spotless throughout the wetter months.
  5. When the trees start losing their leaves, outdoor paved areas can get a buildup of leaf mould and algae, which can become a slip hazard. Ensuring your grounds maintenance program is up to date should prevent any risk. Many walkways also benefit from a hot pressure wash at this time of year to remove the leaf mould and algae.
  6. Now is the time to ensure that you have a stock of rock salt ready for gritting paved surfaces during freezing periods. Ensure that all loose pathing is repointed or repaid to ensure a hazard free area.
  7. October is the time to start trouble-shooting for water damage, as leaf fall and debris like twigs and old bird nests can cause drain and gutter blockages. If any of these obstruct the easy flow of water away from a building, damp and other serious problems can follow. A regular annual clean of all the gutters prevents leaks and damp patches developing.
  8. When it does rain spend some time checking that gutters are operating functionally, paying particular attention to joints and hoppers while ensuring the drains are clear of debris. Don’t forget the down pipes as well – regular painting of cast iron pipes are essential to prevent rust and will keep your property looking good.
  9. From flat and pitched roofs, to balconies and terrace repairs, coating will protect your building from the glorious British weather. With a solution for every surface, we’re well versed in the art of flexible waterproofing and can ensure your building is protected all winter.
  10. Sometimes the unavoidable happens. Our emergency service operates 24/7/365. Always have our number at hand and we will ensure a fast, safe and reliable job aiming to minimise your losses to trade.

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