Autumn Property Preparations – Gutters

It’s the fourth week in the NSS Group Autumn Property Preparations series and in this post we’re looking at the steps you should be taking to prepare and protect your building’s gutters in readiness for winter…

Week four – gutters

October is the time to start trouble-shooting for water damage as leaf fall and debris like twigs and old bird nests can cause drain and gutter blockages. If any of these obstruct the flow of water away from a building, damp and other serious problems can follow. A regular annual clean of all the gutters prevents leaks and damp patches developing.

When it does rain, spend some time checking that gutters are operating functionally, paying particular attention to joints and hoppers while ensuring the drains are clear of debris. Don’t forget the downpipes as well – regular painting of cast iron pipes is essential to prevent rust and will keep your property looking good.

The key is regular maintenance to avoid blockages, which run the risk of creating bigger problems such as leaks, pitting and corrosion. Our expert team can help clear blockages and repair any damage caused by water ingress.